Is 30 the new 12?

This is something that really confuses me. Adult children still living at home with their parents for no other reason other than so they can live it up. There are several reasons why adults still live with their parents and not all of them are bad reasons, but the one that bothers me is so they do not have to curb their busy social lives.

I see this all the time. Now while I got married very young by todays standards (I was 21), my parents had instilled a sense of responsibility in me. On my 18th birthday they broke the news to me that now that I was an adult I would have to start paying board, because in life, nothing is for free. And they were 100% correct. It was an important lesson for me to learn. I absolutely hated handing over 10% of my wages each week. I despised it so much that by the age of 20, I had bought my first home. It annoyed me that I had to hand over money “for nothing” (which looking back in hindsight it costs a lot more than 10% of your income to run a household), that it made me invest it somewhere useful.

When I look at young adults these days, I can’t help but think that they are taking advantage of their parents. I know a lot of people who are pushing 30 (and in some instances pushing 40), who are still living at home with their parents, as they “can’t afford” to move out. Now these people go and get weekly blow-dries at the salon, waxing, nails, spray-tans, drive nice cars, expensive gym memberships, have wardrobes to envy, have an extremely busy social calendar, and go on really great holidays.

Now I’m not sure if the rise of reality TV has done this (I also know a lot of girls who seem to think they are the missing Kardashian sister, and have a beauty regime to match theirs), but what is it with claiming they “can’t afford” to move out? Admittedly, it is expensive to have your own place, but it’s also expensive to have a lifestyle to rival a celebrity. Who do these people think they are? They are not television presenters, or models. They are not public figures or CEO’s of a major company. In fact they mostly have very regular jobs which do not require them to go to the lengths that they do in order to appear the way they do.

I can’t help but feel as though these people have not evolved beyond that of a spoilt brat with plenty of money to burn. At what point do these people grow up and take responsibility for their own lives? Do they think it’s fair to allow their ageing parents to pay for electricity, gas, water, council rates, cable TV, internet, phone lines, home and contents insurance, groceries, and in some cases, even mortgages? And whilst I realize that some of these people do contribute to the household bills, they still manage to make sure that their own regimes and social lives are not interrupted financially, where their only real commitments are generally a mobile phone contract and a car repayment. I know my parents would be having none of that crap going on in their house. In fact they would discourage my sister and I from it. And who wants to live with their parents anyway?

And another thing, where do these people have sex? In the car like a 16 year old? In a hotel room like a prostitute? I know if I met a guy who still lived at home with his parents for no other reason other than he “can’t afford” to move out, that would be a major turn-off. In fact it would be a deal-breaker. What kind of life would he be able to provide me with if he can’t even provide one for himself and he is still living like an adolescent under his parents roof? There’s actually an episode of “Sex and the City” about it. Its increasingly becoming the norm these days.

I am very curious to see how these people will fare in 10 to 20 years time when their parents become elderly. I have a sneaking suspicion there will be a lot of carers pensions being paid out by centrelink, because these Peter Pans aren’t moving anywhere – they’ve got it too good!

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