I have a friend who is a nurse who runs a botox clinic. She often lets me know when she is running training sessions at her clinic where I have the chance to get botox done for $100.00.

I am all about being natural, so whilst I try desperately to hang onto my youth, I just can’t quite get my head around injecting poison into my face to freeze my facial muscles in order to get rid of any wrinkles I may have. A lot of my friends do it, and they look fantastic, but I can’t help wonder if there are going to be any side effects in years to come. After all, it is a relatively new procedure.

Botox is one of the most toxic substances known to man, so it’s a pretty scary thought to be injecting it into your face. And because you need to do it every few months as the effects wear off, it’s also a little scary when that means your body is absorbing it into your system. I’m not saying I’m against it, nor that I won’t succumb to it one day, but for now, I’m a little too chicken shit to try it. That, and I like to do whatever I can to age naturally. And I also like to show emotion on my face. I am quite animated when I speak, and I don’t want anything about me to be fake if I can help it.

One of the ways I naturally try to eliminate wrinkles is by using a product called “Frownies”. You can buy them here in Australia for around $50.00 a box, however I get them from the US when I go as they are only US$19.95. One would think that they are a load of crap, but they seriously work. You can also get them on eBay for the same price.

What they are is these adhesive patches. First you decide where you want to put them (for me, I am often in a state of deep contemplation / confusion, thus creating a deep furrow between my eyebrows – I am often surprised too, so I have some fine lines on my forehead), and then you massage the area with your fingertips to increase the blood flow there. You then dampen the back of the patch, and apply it to the area, holding the skin taut. Once it is stuck you leave it on.


The instructions say a minimum of 3 hours is best so I always do it before bed to give the best results. In the morning, I remove them in the shower (it’s near impossible to get them off any other way – they are VERY adhesive), and voila – not a wrinkle in site.


It works in the same way botox does by immobilizing the area so you are unable to make the facial expression which causes the wrinkles. And whilst its effects are only temporary (it lasts a few hours as you get used to not moving the area), it is without side effects or risks, and most importantly its all natural.

I highly recommend it, and take it from me, it actually works.

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