Girls: How to Impress Him, With Sport

First of all – I’m not a qualified relationship advisor or a dating commentator by any means and this certainly isn’t a sexist article, simply an opinion piece in the sporting arena.

Recently had a discussion with a female friend of mine wanting advice on how to impress a guy with sports, which has prompted me to share thoughts and ideas with you from a male perspective.

I have found that a lot of “How to impress him” type articles are written by women, which is great, but I thought I could lend some insight into how we, men, think and react to woman and sport.

In the eyes of men, women who take an interest or passion in sport are already ranked higher than those who aren’t so much – Apologies to those girls who aren’t, but this is the topic at hand.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, hopefully this article may guide you with impressing that man you’re with or looking to impress.

Step 1 – Choosing the Sport.

Spark up a conversation with the impressee about sports in general. This will grab his attention right away and tick the first box.

Find out which sport he likes and dislikes. Attending a game or watching a sport he hates will backfire right away. Stick to what the likes.

If he enjoys all facets of sport, which most do, you need to consider things like; length of the game, excitement value, location.

If you want to spend as long as you can with him at the game you may not go to a 80 minute game of NRL – Try AFL, it’s a lot longer and a more relaxing atmosphere.

Sitting in a high-intense supporters area may not be the best atmosphere for conversation and producing “ground work”.

Try and pick a stadium that has great eateries nearby for a bite to eat. There’s your sneaky date before the game.

Step 2 – You buy the ticket.

I know it’s a gentleman thing to buy the drink, pay for dinner, not let her pay etc, but for you to go out of your way to do this it will totally impress him; plus, I’m sure he will pay for dinner before the game as noted in Step 1.

You obviously need to make sure he is free for that day. It’s a bit hard to impress him when he’s not there.

Having the initiative to organise the sporting event will be a massive winner in his books.

Step 3 – Do your research.

You can easily pretend to like sport but unless you show you are a little interested in the game, he will be on to you. This may not be a bad thing but a girl who knows her sport will impress the man more.

Lets run with the AFL scene. If you pull out the “Lewis Jetta needs to step up tonight if the Swans are in with a chance” call, watch his eyes light up with delight. Then you know you’re on the right track. Hot tip: Just make sure Lewis Jetta is playing first.

Don’t stop at one just in case he decides to construct a conversation about it. I advise you watch Fox Sports News or AFL360 before hand and take note.

Step 4 – At the game.

If you want that extra connection with him, buy matching merchandise. A scarf or beanie is always a winner as it’s always cold and it’s ammo for you to go again another day.

When you duck off to the toilet return with beers for both of you. Every guy I know says girls at the footy drinking beers is “hot!”.

Yes, he will feel bad as you’ve paid, but he’ll be most impressed, and he will get the next round.

The “I’m cold” call whilst wrapping your arm through his is always a winner too. We don’t see that as a desperation sign or a lame “arm across the back when pretending to yawn at the movies” setup. If you’re cold, you’re cold. We’ll be more than happy to assist you with that.

If you run with the AFL, learn the team victory song for extra brownie points.

Step 5 – Post game.

Win, lose or draw express how much fun that was despite the result. Who knows, you might actually enjoy it!

Find out when their next home game is and suggest you should attend. I’m pretty sure he will feel bad for you organising this instance and will return the favour.

Trot off to a nearby bar for post-match drinks and there’s your secret second date in one night.

Can’t get to the game – If you are in a situation where you live somewhere that denies you to getting to a game then you can still take ideas from the above steps and make it a local event or even just a night it.

Inviting a man over for pizza and beers with the State of Origin coming up will be a winner.

If it’s a guy you’re not with and wanting to impress, ask a few friends over so it’s not so obvious, make it a group event as an excuse to just hang out and get to know each other.

The Sports Bar – A girl having a great time in a Sports Bar (drinking beer) is an amazing rare event. It’s not the best idea as you will attract attention from all the other punters in the building and will interfere with your plan to impress him.

If he is interested, he will be more worried about the other guys checking you out, talking about you etc.

All of this should help you sway over your desired man but in a nutshell – You like sport, he’ll like you right away.

Personally, I’m a lucky man. My girlfriend can tell me the history of any UFC fighter, was most excited when she interviewed Bruce Buffer, tells me to quieten down as the F1’s are about to start whilst drinking a beer in our matching scarfs. Winner!

Every relationship is different – every personality is different. Don’t take this as a fail-proof plan, it’s just a man’s thoughts for a girl wanting to impress through sport.

Good luck!

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