Things Nobody Teaches You

There are so many things in life that nobody teaches you. Things your parents don’t teach you. Things you don’t get taught in school.

The first thing is where the fuel tank is on the car. You know when you pull up to the service station and you have no idea which side the fuel tank is on? Well, nobody tells you that all you have to do is look at the fuel gauge on the dash. There’s a little arrow there to indicate which side it’s on.

The second thing nobody teaches you is that sometimes the drains in your bathroom smell. This happens if it hasn’t rained in a while. Nobody tells you that you have to flush them out with water every few months to stop this from happening.

Nobody warns you how bad your PMS gets after you hit 30. My friend noticed the physical side of it with me the other week when she commented on how large my breasts seemed. That’s the welcome side effect. The other ones aren’t so great. You’ve been warned.

Nobody teaches you how to be rich or poor. Both come with their own unique set of problems.

You don’t get taught that nobody owes you anything.

Nobody teaches you that the more you give, the more people will take.

Nobody teaches you that the anticipation of something is often better than the actual doing of it. A lot of things are overrated.

You don’t get taught that the definition of success is different to everyone. To one person it may be running a multi-million dollar company. To another it may be watching their children grow. It’s different, and right for everyone.

No one teaches you that as you get older, you’ll stop hearing about the things that happen to other people and they’ll start happening to you.

We are always being told to grow up, yet no one ever teaches you to never lose your childish innocence.

Nobody teaches you how to cope with anxiety or depression. It hits us all at some stage through our lives. To navigate through it successfully is difficult, and there’s no way out but through.

Nobody teaches you that in order to learn anything, it’s always best to learn the hard way. In fact, it’s the only way.

Nobody teaches you how to demand respect for yourself. Nobody tells you to make sure you love yourself first.

Nobody teaches you how to grieve the loss of a loved one. I was shocked at the level of grief I experienced when my Grandfather passed away.

Nobody teaches you how to correctly deal with the opposite sex.

Nobody teaches you that you can’t change anyone. You can only change yourself. That’s a big one.

Nobody teaches you how to not let people take advantage or walk all over you.

Nobody teaches you that life never goes according to plan.

Nobody teaches you how to be alone. We are born alone, and we die alone. It’s important to know how to BE on your own.

And finally, nobody teaches you about hindsight. That everything happens for a reason, and like the late Steve Jobs said, you can only connect the dots looking backwards.

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