Sympathy for the Wicked?

It’s all over the news right now: Schapelle Corby was finally paroled and is coming home from her Indonesian gaol cell. I remember when Corby was first arrested and convicted in 2004/2005 – it was all over the media, and people at my high school were discussing it. People assumed she was innocent, and wanted her to be set free despite the evidence pointing to her guilt.

And now Corby’s ordeal has come to an end, and the media is all over her once more.

Frankly, I see no reason why Corby deserves our sympathy. I see no reason why we should be interested in watching the recently-aired TV movie about her, and I see no reason to be interested in the wave of interviews she’s about to be featured in.

Whether Australian or not, Corby is a convicted drug smuggler. People are assuming she’s innocent, but there’s a very good chance that she’s guilty – the evidence has been damning ever since 4kg of marijuana was found in her luggage back in 2004. Why the hell are we to care about a convicted drug smuggler who got rightfully punished for doing a stupid thing? She made a bad decision and paid the penalty. People might decry that she at least deserves to be imprisoned back in her home country of Australia, but that would have just led to a reduced sentence and added leniency, especially with the media all over the case and people wanting her to walk free.

Indonesian courts were declared corrupt, with newspapers claiming they have “little sympathy for foreigners.” Reportedly, radio hosts even insisted that then Prime Minister John Howard should force Indonesia’s president to overturn the court’s decision. Added to this, Indonesian diplomats on Australian soil were sent death threats, white powder in the mail and two bullets with a warning note which read “Go home you animals.” The Salvation Army also promised not to send Indonesia any donations, while actor Russell Crowe told Indonesia to remember about the money we donated to tsunami victims, which apparently means a drug smuggler should walk free.

For crying out loud, Labor leader Bill Shorten has said he doesn’t “know all the ins and outs of what she has done” but that he wants Corby back in Australia as soon as possible, because “that’s what matters to me.” Seriously?

For crying out loud, at least two of her brothers are confirmed drug smugglers, and I don’t buy her bullshit excuses. Although convicted family members is not exactly evidence that Corby is rotten as well, it’s certainly food for thought.

Corby and her family have so far made hundreds of thousands of dollars from books and media deals. They are making a profit from a criminal. And now Corby has signed a media deal guaranteeing her at least $2 million for a interview. How fucking ridiculous. Here’s a convicted criminal being turned into a fucking millionaire just because she’s agreeing to talk to the TV. She did something illegal, paid the price, and now she’s a millionaire because of it? Hell, if illegal activities and 8.5 years in an Indonesian prison will get me $2 million, then sign me up! I guess crime pays!

This is sending all the wrong messages, and I’m disgusted.

You know what Corby needs? A series of interviews akin to the David Frost/Richard Nixon interviews from the 1970s. Corby needs to be given a proper trial on-camera, being presented with evidence to the point where she admits her guilt.

Corby is a bogan criminal, and we’re acting like she’s some sort of national darling. There are Australian soldiers risking their lives in the defence force every day, but one Australian woman was arrested for drug smuggling and suddenly she’s a famous millionaire. Give me a break.

Of course, there’s a chance Corby might be innocent, but I’m asking you to stop presuming her innocence is a fact, and accept the possibility that she’s most likely guilty. This is ridiculous.

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