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Ethical or Simply Untouchable? What’s Right, Wrong and Grey in Journalism

Rightly or wrongly a United States journalist named Caleb Hannan wrote a published piece for Grantland in which he effectively outed a transgender woman named Essay Anne Vanderbilt. In the same week some UK ‘news’ sites wrongly labelled One Direction star Liam Payne as being anti-gay because he tweeted his support of hit television show […]

Dog, Gone?

The news has exploded over the internet, but I’ll fill you in, just in case you missed it. In the sixth episode of Family Guy’s twelfth season, Brian Griffin was violently hit by a car and died a few short scenes later. The subsequent internet uproar has been tremendous, to say the least, with backlash […]

R.I.P. Paul Walker

It’s all over the internet by now, so you’ve no doubt heard the news that actor Paul Walker has passed away at the age of 40, in a tragic car accident. My thoughts are with Walker’s family and friends, particularly his 15-year-old daughter, who should not have to go endure the agony of losing her […]

Why The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is Better than the Original and Worth Your Time & Money

Although it was a massive box office success, grossing almost $700 million at the worldwide box office, the first Hunger Games was nevertheless a gamble on the part of Lionsgate, who only budgeted the movie at under $80 million as opposed to something more extravagant. While the finished product had some merit, the money and […]