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Interview With Kourtney Summers (Adult Entertainer)

Thought I’d mix it up a bit today, and do an interview with my friend Kourtney Summers. Kourtney Summers – Australian Showgirl has traveled the country performing in clubs, bars and bucks parties. 4 times People magazine cover girl, spunk of the year 2012 Hold many titles including Miss showgirl 2010 Australian showgirl of the […]

Proof That 3-D Has Legs

The 3-D gimmick gets a really bad wrap these days. Around the time of Avatar, people were warming up to it, but, within 12 months, studios had turned audiences against the extra dimensional effect. Now box office figures show that people are avoiding movies altogether if they can’t see them a 2-D showing, as 3-D […]

Biggest 3-D Blunders

3-D gets a bad wrap in this day and age. When Avatar came around, people embraced 3-D whole-heartedly, but eventually the gimmick wore off due to some terrible 3-D presentations and the heightened surcharge. Here’s a selection of the most egregious uses of the format that I’ve seen. 1. Clash of the Titans (2010) I […]

Digital vs Physical

I am proud to say that I’m a rare type of movie buff: I prefer to have a physical collection of motion pictures on disc, rather than a few hard-drives with digital copies of movies. In this day and age, physical media is slowly dying, with some reports even claiming that DVD and Blu-ray are […]