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Ethical or Simply Untouchable? What’s Right, Wrong and Grey in Journalism

Rightly or wrongly a United States journalist named Caleb Hannan wrote a published piece for Grantland in which he effectively outed a transgender woman named Essay Anne Vanderbilt. In the same week some UK ‘news’ sites wrongly labelled One Direction star Liam Payne as being anti-gay because he tweeted his support of hit television show […]


Sometimes I wonder if I’m turning into “that woman”. You know the one I’m talking about. That crazy Aunt we all have. The one that’s into tarot cards, and mood rings. Detoxes and vegetarian meals. As I went to my local liquor store the other day to purchase a bottle of wine, I said to […]

Engagement Day

A special piece from our own Brad Eveleigh about his recent proposal to partner and fellow Something Clever contributor Karen Touma Like always, it was great to have Karen fly to Mackay to spend the weekend with me. We have been taking turns with visits ever since I relocated to the tropical and relaxing lifestyle […]

Trust No One

It’s a pretty bleak title huh? I don’t not trust anybody. That’s a lie. But I do trust only a select group of people. Life has taught me this. To have trust requires vulnerability. Because you have to be honest. Honest with your feelings, honest with your flaws, honest with your secrets. I have almost […]