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Engagement Day

A special piece from our own Brad Eveleigh about his recent proposal to partner and fellow Something Clever contributor Karen Touma Like always, it was great to have Karen fly to Mackay to spend the weekend with me. We have been taking turns with visits ever since I relocated to the tropical and relaxing lifestyle […]

Interview With Kourtney Summers (Adult Entertainer)

Thought I’d mix it up a bit today, and do an interview with my friend Kourtney Summers. Kourtney Summers – Australian Showgirl has traveled the country performing in clubs, bars and bucks parties. 4 times People magazine cover girl, spunk of the year 2012 Hold many titles including Miss showgirl 2010 Australian showgirl of the […]

A Useless Excuse

Admit it. We’ve all used it. “Not tonight – I’ve got a headache.” Even I, self-confessed nymphomaniac with the sex drive of a rabbit on heat, have used that line. It’s the worst excuse ever. Sorry, ladies, I’m about to betray my entire gender here: Orgasms are actually a painkiller. Endorphins and a chemical called oxytocin are […]