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NBA: One Month In

The NBA season is just about a month old now and there are a lot of things we have learned. Plenty of teams have been better or worse than expected, some extremely so. We have also learned a lot about the highly touted draft class that just began their freshman college hoops season and of […]

Measuring the Intangibles: Brains Over Brawn

When it comes to measuring an athlete’s skills there are a lot of things we use to evaluate them. Things like size, strength, speed, endurance, ball skills and more depending on the sport itself. There is also something we hear about called ‘intangibles’, which is something some athletes have and some don’t. ‘Intangibles’ includes several […]

A Star Is Born

Jason Collins spent the first half of the 2012-13 NBA season playing for my beloved Boston Celtics. He was not a player I particularly cared for even though I know he was a good locker room presence and someone who always gave their all, using his somewhat limited talents to do what he could for […]