Sometimes I wonder if I’m turning into “that woman”. You know the one I’m talking about. That crazy Aunt we all have. The one that’s into tarot cards, and mood rings. Detoxes and vegetarian meals. As I went to my local liquor store the other day to purchase a bottle of wine, I said to […]

Changing of the Guard

The current ladder for the English Premier League looks pretty different to what we have become accustomed to this far into the season, that much is certain. Sure, it’s not like Crystal Palace and Norwich are leading the league or anything and it’s also not like Chelsea and Man City are fighting a relegation battle, […]

Engagement Day

A special piece from our own Brad Eveleigh about his recent proposal to partner and fellow Something Clever contributor Karen Touma Like always, it was great to have Karen fly to Mackay to spend the weekend with me. We have been taking turns with visits ever since I relocated to the tropical and relaxing lifestyle […]

Fight Porn

2013 has been an incredible year to be a fan of MMA and more specifically the UFC. After 2012 was a tough year due to countless injuries leading to cancelled fights or replacement opponents, as well as one event that was cancelled altogether, 2013 has been an amazing bounce back year. Overall there have been […]

Dog, Gone?

The news has exploded over the internet, but I’ll fill you in, just in case you missed it. In the sixth episode of Family Guy’s twelfth season, Brian Griffin was violently hit by a car and died a few short scenes later. The subsequent internet uproar has been tremendous, to say the least, with backlash […]