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Long Live the Kennett Curse

My favourite moment of Kevin Rudd’s rein at the top of the Australian Labor Party was the smug grin he gave when being sworn in as Prime Minister of Australia for the second time, right before he said “I’ve done this before” to the Governor General, it was a triumph and a massive ‘f**k you’ […]

NRL Semi Finals Preview – Week 2

Well week 1 of the finals series certainly didn’t disappoint. We saw the Bunnies stand up and break their Melbourne hoodoo, the Roosters and Sea Eagles belt each other into submission, the Sharks prevail in fortuitous fashion over the Cowboys and the Knights outmuscle and out enthuse a more fancied Bulldogs outfit. Unfortunately, the on-field […]

Ice Hockey for Dummies

Tomorrow the NHL Finals gets underway between the Chicago Blackhawks and my Boston Bruins. Many of you are probably already bored just reading that first sentence because you have no interest or knowledge about ice hockey, but hopefully I can convince you to give it a go. Ice hockey is a sport Australians simply don’t […]