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A Bad Time to be Dorguson

Canberra Raiders’ players Blake Ferguson and Sandor Earl are very close friends. So much so, that supposedly they have ‘Dorguson’ tattooed on them in a ‘Brangelina’ style name merger. With that being the case, it has not been a good week for Dorguson, for very differing reasons, but with their relationship being so close I […]

Turning Blue

So Origin 1 is behind us and finally NSW will play the series from in front. It was a fascinating game, which had incidents, some brilliance and a potential sign of a change of fortunes. Overall New South Wales were fantastic and it was exactly the sort of win they needed to allow them to […]

Measuring the Intangibles: Brains Over Brawn

When it comes to measuring an athlete’s skills there are a lot of things we use to evaluate them. Things like size, strength, speed, endurance, ball skills and more depending on the sport itself. There is also something we hear about called ‘intangibles’, which is something some athletes have and some don’t. ‘Intangibles’ includes several […]